IOS Application Development

IOS Application Development

IOS is the second most used operating system after Android OS. Its immense popularity straight away signals good return on investment for the application developer but also does well for the users. Getting your application made is different while getting it approved by Apple and maintaining it is a totally different thing. You need to understand that developing an app takes time and it is a challenging to take care of it post-development and post-launch. The promotion and search engine optimization would be required. As long as your app is good, it can work for itself. However, there would be additional work required after you create and launch an app. That is when you require the experts in this field.

Web Stacks Technology is an iPhone/IOS Application Development Company based in Nagpur. We are in the App-Development business since 2016 and have completed numerous projects related to app development in a short while. Our team of highly qualified members makes it sure to create highly individualized apps to provide a unique identity to the customer and help them get in the top ranks of the Apple App store.

We hold capabilities in making

  • iPhone Game Development Apps
  • Educational Apps
  • Online Booking Apps
  • Social Media and Chat Apps
  • Music Apps

We follow a standard brief process of developing an app which consists of-

  • Feasibility and Discovery where we analyze app monetization, Analyse the requirements etc.
  • User Interface Design where we design the Micro-Interactions, Wire-Frames, etc.
  • Engineering and Architecture where we define different modules create database structure, etc.
  • Beta or Test Release where we do Beta Testing, Feedback search, etc.
  • Development based on the intermediate release, more development work is done.
  • App Approvals such as assessment rights, App submission, etc are dealt with.
  • The launch of the app is done and after-launch queries, grievances, bugs are dealt with and satisfactorily ratified and rectified. .