Inventory/Stock Management Software Development

Inventory management is not an easy process. It is tedious and time consuming with a lot of chances of making mistakes. Mismanagement can lead to problems such as spoilage and dead stock. Your storage cost can shoot up unnecessarily as well. Proper management, on the other hand, can improve your cash flow, improve productivity and efficiency. It can minimise your cost and add to your bottom line and finally help in the smooth functioning of your business.

In today’s world where doing business is becoming more and more complicated, it is essential to use inventory management software to keep the cost low and efficiency high. Automating the manual tasks will not only benefit you, but it will also keep your customers happy too.

At Webstack, we design customized software to meet our client needs. Our software can integrate all your business processes such as Sales and Purchases, Payments and Receipts, Creditors/Debtors Accounts, Stock Management, CRM, Accounting and others. If you have a manufacturing unit, our software will help you in smooth lining your processes.

Apart from Inventory Control, our software will integrate features such as handling multiple branches or multiple departments, room booking, credit/debtor control, CRM and more. Our software is completely secured where confidential data will be encrypted to ensure minimal risk of breaching. We will handover the entire control to you so that you have the authority to view, add, modify and delete data.

Clients in all the major cities in India such as Nagpur, Pune, Mumbai and Delhi are using our solutions to their best advantage. You can too. We assure to make your life easier with our customized solutions.