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SEO Training

Search Engine Optimisation plays a huge role in ranking a website among the top results of the search engine. In today’s age, a client evaluates a brand by its presence on the internet. You don’t want to leave your potential clients by building a website which isn’t marking its presence. That is when you require an enrolment in our SEO Training programme.

Web Stack Technology is a company which provides Search Engine Optimisation Training in Nasik. We provide comprehensive training adhering to a syllabus to our clients. Our goal is not just to make you understand SEO but become an SEO expert. You’ll learn the concepts of SEO as well as get practice on all the relevant SEO tools. Search Engine Optimization training is fruitful for one who wants to become proficient in SEO practices.

Our SEO Training Course will include the following aspects :-

  • Basics and Introduction of Search Engine Optimisation to know what it is, how it affects the website, among other things.
  • SEO Analysis of Websites to get an idea of how SEO affects the ranking of websites.
  • On Page SEO to understand the factors that affect your Web page.
  • Off-Page, SEO refers to techniques used to improve the position of a website in the search engine result.
  • Social Media Optimisation & Marketing to learn to generate publicity of Product, service, etc.
  • Search Engine Marketing is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results
  • Analytics learn to analyze the various inputs in SEO.
  • SEO Reporting is learning to make reports on key issues which is must in SEO.
  • SEO Tools learning to use tools to ease manual work.